Recruitment is Starting

is a new long term semi hard core guild with ties to strong groups of active players and roots to the beginnings of classic wow, both private and retail. I am seeking more like minded individuals who are looking to create a well structured raiding guild, permanently. Individuals should aspire to be an extremely active player and remain extremely active most times as a normal raider. Past classic experiences are not required for membership but are required for an officer position.

Officers will be held to a more active playing schedule than an already extremely active raider. This means things like leveling multiple characters, having multiple accounts, always being prepared for themselves and others, being way ahead of the curve in content and gear, being extremely active and competitive in pvp and consistent with community communications.

Daily tasks for a normal raider will be things like logging in daily to keep track of guild progress and consistent discord communications. Saying hi to other players and checking the mail. Then sitting in Ironforge on an epic mount for a few hours followed by some farming and sleep, maybe some pvp with the boys first tho. Also being involved in world activities.

Who am I?
I am a long term Classic WoW veteran, enthusiast, advocate and supporter of others like myself (specifically someone who Stays safe all day). I helped to start the movement for classic retail servers. I worked with Gummy on Scriptcraft 1 testing bugs. Which led to be the first real private classic raiding experience and helped blast the word for classic WoW to many US players. I worked with a few other developers on other servers testing bugs aswell. My most prestigious moment in classic is when I previously led a top raiding guild on SC1 and opened the gates of Ahn'Qiraj on what has said to be the toughest classic raiding experience yet. I have experience with every class, position and role involved in a classic WoW raid. From being on the bench as a 2nd backup rogue to leading and raid leading a top guild as a main tank and earning the Black Bug mount. So no mater what role you are playing, I will understand your POV. I also cleared many retail raids while the content was current. I still play retail from time to time and I am proud of my personal server first achievement. After my first few private server naxx bosses I decided to save my true experience of Naxxramas for Blizzard. The time has now come for that expierence to start. Come join my ranks today and I guarantee you a good time all the time for a very long time. 

Check out my old guild here